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Shubham Pawar
Shubham Pawar

First I would like to thank you for visiting my page. It is my immense pleasure to share some words about me to you.

Hello Friends, My name is Shubham Dilip Pawar. I am residing at Nira, Tahasil:-Purandar, Dist:- Pune, Maharashtra. I have completed my (TYBCS) Graduation from T.C College, Baramati in Pune University. Playing Cricket, Blogging & Reading newspaper are my Hobbies, Now I have learned from the internet and I will share all the information here. It is my best effort to write every information easy to Read & understand. The second purpose could be to get some revenue from this site. 

Shubham Pawar
Add. : At Post Nira, Tahasil-: Purandar, Dist-:- Pune Maharashtra
Education: BCS (Bachelor Of Computer Science)
Email: pawarshubham66@gmail.com

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Shubham Dilip Pawar

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