Swimming Tips in Marathi

Swimming Tips in Marathi for swimming? Then be careful about these things. Nowadays, youth has the fitness for tomorrow. Various options are selected to stay fit, healthy. Some people do gym while some yogas There are many options for fitness, dance, walking and swimming. But it is important to take special care during swimming. Therefore, loss of water caused by chlorine, infections can be avoided. So take care of these things while swimming.

Swimming Tips in Marathi

Swimming Tips in Marathi
Swimming Tips in Marathi

Swimming Tips in Marathi

Check the chlorine levels:

To keep the water in the swimming pool clean, chlorine is mixed. Therefore, know the quantity of chlorine before swimming. Due to the high degree of chlorine, skin related problems can arise.

Drink plenty of water:

Drink enough water before 30 minutes before swimming. There is no need to drink water while swimming, so there is a lot of water to drink.

Ear Care:

While swimming, insert earplug in the ear. So there is no water in the ear.

Swim after swimming:

After swimming, take a bath with clean water, soap and shampoo. So you'll feel refreshed. Also, chlorine will not affect the body.

Swimming suits change immediately:

Change the dress immediately after swimming. Otherwise the risk of infection increases.

Morcheryzer Lava:

Bathe immediately after swimming and immediately after moisturizing. Therefore, the skin will not become dry, dry. Swimming Tips in Marathi
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