Yoga Day Information in Marathi

Yoga Day Information in Marathi:- 21 Jun International Yoga Day. Learn about the type of pranayama and its benefits. International Yoga Day will be celebrated on 21st June. The first of which was started by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 21, 2015. In yoga, pranayama is very important, it is also called the fourth limb of the eight limbs of yoga. Yoga Day Information in Marathi

Yoga Day Information in Marathi

Yoga Day Information in Marathi
Yoga Day Information in Marathi 

Yoga Day Information in Marathi

Yoga Day Information in Marathi
Yoga Day Information in Marathi

 This is a very easy and profitable Yogasana. Any person, at any age, gender, and class person, can comfortably relax. When doing pranayama or breathing we perform three actions - supplementary, kumbak, laxative. Of course, breathing, preventing and leaving. So you are saying the pranayama benefits and types ... Yoga Day Information in Marathi

 Yoga has many types of pranayama, but there are some major types in this way

■ pulse purification pranayama
■ Ujjayi Pranayama
■ Kapalbhati Pranayama
■ Bhajan Pranayama
■ Shital Pranayama
■ Dig Pranayama
■ outer pranayama
■ Brahmin pranayama
■ Originated Pranayama
■ Anurloom - Inverse pranayama
■ fire extinguishers

🔰 Pranayama benefits

◆ Pranayam is a very beneficial yoga, which makes the whole body healthy ...
◆ Pranayam makes the lungs healthy and strong, which increases its capacity.
Pranayam makes blood pressure normal and helps remove cardiovascular diseases.
◆ Pranayam corrects digestion process.
◆ Pranayam tightens blood and makes brain function better by the abundance of oxygen.
◆ Pranayama is the best way to reduce stress.
◆ Pranayam helps in controlling the weight.

🔰 Yoga teaches 5 things

■ Respect the body
■ Leave the incoming ideas
■ breathe and leave
■ live in the present
■ You can get more than you think

🔰 Benefits of Yoga

■ improve health,
■ Memory increases,
■ concentration increases, stress gets away,
■ Enhances the level of energy

🔰 Yoga Will Increase Your Height

Regular Yoga helps in the strengthening of shoulders, hips and pelvic joints. The following few Asanas will surely help you increase the height of a certain age.

■ Bhujangasan:

In Bhujangas, the chest muscles, shoulders, and stomach parts are stretched. Reduces your back stiffness and improves health.

■ Tadasana:

This is a great seat to heighten. It also has mobility. The side of the chest gets the tone and the latch gets to stretch. This seat is very beneficial for those with back pain.

■ Natarajan:

In addition to strengthening the muscles of the legs, thighs, hands, wrists, the lungs and chests also get the stretch in this place. It also benefits the thighs and hips muscles. Avoid this seat if the knee or knee has been hurt. Because it can get more stress on it.

■ Suryanamaskar:

12 Asanas in Suryaammakas give the reader and the whole body gets a stretch. The backpack receives massages due to the back and forward thrusts. In addition to this, their functioning becomes smooth due to the stretch of the body's internal organs.

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