Motivational Messages Of Vishwas Nangare Patil

Motivational Messages Of Vishwas Nangare Patil:- Kolhapur Special Police Superintendent of Police Vishwas Nangre Patil gave a Success Mantra to UPSC students in 'Yashwant's Success Password' program at Pune. In this, he gave the following advice.

Motivational Messages Of Vishwas Nangare Patil

Motivational Messages Of Vishwas Nangare Patil

Motivational Messages Of Vishwas Nangare Patil

1) 0 hours for timepass

2) Look for constructive things on the internet, mobile but keep 0 hours for constructive things.

3) Give only 1 hour of exercise daily.

4) Set 2 sets of Suryanamaskar every day. Throughout the day, remain alert.

5) Take 2 cups of green tea daily. This reduces the exposure of the body. Take green tea or black tea.

6) Take a small break three times. Short mantle breaks are very important. Also, drink plenty of water at this time.

7) Small break for food. After a while, There is no need to eat too expensive. Avoid oil content in the bowl, then mix it like bread, millet.

8) Wake up at 6 o'clock every morning. Because he got up early, he quickly got to know that he got health benefits.

9) Just laugh for 7 minutes every day. The mind remains fresh because of laughing too much.

10) Give at least 8 hours daily for your work. Then work or practice. But keep it separate for 8 hours.

11) Meditation for 9 minutes every day. So that it will help you to concentrate.

12) Get disciplined.

13) Work hard.

Even if you make a small change in your lifestyle, its results can be very good. Because one change leads to great changes and overall living can be enriched. What changes can be made? Think about it a little bit.

1) Reduce the mobile/social media by 10 minutes, sleep. And ten minutes early in the next day.

2) Start an exercise. Let's start with just 5 minutes. Let's do one or two different things in walking, running, sun-walking, roping, etc. The time may be gradually increased gradually.

3) Provide all the items of unwanted clothing, goods, paper, books, papers, shoes, etc. at the same time, or dispose of it.

4) We keep on thinking about the things that have happened to us and the things that have happened. Do not forget that even a good occasion, a good reminder or a remembrance of the goddess will also be the leader of the day. Let's get used to this habit. He has a very good effect on life.

5) Listen to your favorite music every day or at least some of your favorite songs sing

6) Bring old good memories. He gets the energy to do new things.

7) Always be ready to learn something new. Because those who do not change can not make progress.

8) Whenever possible, please help those who are in crisis. It's very satisfying.

If you take this valuable advice then the summit of the success is definitely not far away

It is said that man's determination power is most powerful. If there is a desire in the mind then you can do a great job. Buddha also emphasized this point. Many of his themes are such that he affirms that there is nothing better than determination.

Once, a disciple of Lord Buddha asked him, 'Is God better than this rock?'

Buddha said, 'Many times the stone is in the iron, so iron breaks the stone and breaks it.'

Then the disciple asked, 'anything better than iron'?

Then Buddha said, 'Why not. It is a fire which turns the vitality of iron into liquid form. '

On this, the disciple said, 'Can anyone walk in front of the flaming flames of fire?'

Buddha said, 'There is only water that softens the heat'.

Then the disciple asked, "Who will be the strength to hit the water?"

Then Buddha explained, 'Why do you think such a thing, there is a powerful one from this world.'

Airflow changes the direction of water flow. Every creature in the world knows the importance of air, because what is the significance of his life without it? 'When the air is life, then there is no question of being of a more important thing.'

Now Lord Buddha laughed, he said, "With the power of man's power, air gets subdued, this is the greatest power of humanity."

This story tells you that you can bow down to the most powerful thing in this world. Nothing more than determination
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