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Marathi Katha King and Four Queens

Marathi Katha King and Four Queens:- One king had four queens, the first queen was so beautiful! Would he keep looking at it with love only? Marathi Katha

Marathi Katha

Marathi Katha
Marathi Katha

Marathi Katha

One king had four queens, the first queen was so beautiful! Would he keep looking at it with love only?

The second queen was so beautiful that she should take her closer to him!

Was the beautiful queen so beautiful that she would take her right?

❕To the fourth queen never pay attention !!!!

When the old man was old, when he was still dead, he called the first queen and said, "I love you so much, will you come with me?"

She said, 'I will let you go here.'

❕God got sad. Then he asked the same queen against the queen, and said, "I am not with you until the day of my death.

Rajala was a param sadness, he said, hoping the third queen, "do not you come with me, though?

The queen of Sheshai said, "As soon as I am gone, you shall go over to another, and you shall not live by yourselves.

Now, however, the king's misery did not remain. He started thinking. I spent my whole life on these queens! Was that ever mine?

Did I spend my life worthless, spent time, money, and spent my life?

In the meantime, there came the king's fourth queen, whom the king had never paid attention to? She did not wear clothes all over her body, there was no meat in her body or jewelry.

Ti said, "I will go there. Even though hell to heaven to be born, I will never allow any kind of distance between you. It is you, my vacanam.

Raja was watching before the thakkam, began to think that, I Do not Ever modest words, leave the love of love, not for a moment did not care a whole compilation of life.

Am I offering everything for me today? The king's eyes started pouring in joy. He sacrificed his life with great satisfaction.

Who was the king? Who were the three queens? Who was the fourth queen? Even after giving so much love, why did the three queens abandon the king?

On the contrary, the fourth queen, whom the king never gave attention, but why did he abandon this sacrifice?

There is no other third king but nobody is yourself.

🔸 Your first queen who leaves you on the spot is your body which we look for all our lives.

🔸 Your second queen is to leave you to the cemetery, your children, friends, friends, and friends.

Our third queen, which went away from us, that means money and money were the second of ours after our death.

🔸 now the fourth most neglected queen of punyakarma you pause sadabhavanene free svarthapane, and Veena. You do not have any time to look at it, yet, birthplace is coming with you ...! Marathi Katha

A good idea ..... thoughts! Marathi Katha