Beauty Tips in Marathi For Pimples

Beauty Tips in Marathi For Pimples: Hormonal changes occurring in the body while coming out of the body can cause acne, whiteheads, blackheads on the skin. Even after getting rid of pimples, its stains and pits make the skin look bad and dull. Knowing some domestic solutions to keep the potholes in the face... Beauty Tips in Marathi For Pimples 

Beauty Tips in Marathi For Pimples

Beauty Tips in Marathi For Pimples

1) Mix milk and lemon in the gram flour. If the paste of this mixture is applied to the skin, it helps in reducing the size of the pits.

2) Benefits of lambs and honey mixture on the face for oily skin. After 2-3 steps a day, this solution regularly helps to soften the skin.

3) Apply regular aloe vera and Vitamin E mixture on face to face glow on face. Sleeping with a mixture of this mixture at night helps ease the pain of pest control. This remedy is also beneficial for removing the sting of the skin.

4) Mulberry clay, lemon juice, and rose powder can be combined with a mixture of skin on the skin to help soften the skin. In addition, if the face of the potholes is troublesome, then he remains in control.

There are stains on the face? Make it a home remedy

 Black spot remains on the face and the beauty of the face is shattered. Those who come out of the sun have to cope with acne problems due to sweating.

- Taste eating fried foods
- Get used to sleeping on time
- Drink more water so that the body does not want the unwanted components to go out

Domestic use

1) Cutting lemon will rub off on face and face dirt. Its acidic properties help in bloating and wounding.

2) Honey on mime for 30 minutes

3) Rinse the ice cubes slowly

4) Mix egg white vinegar on the medium face and wash it in 15 minutes.

Drink water before sleeping!

Often doctors give a lot of watering advice. But drinking water before sleeping in the night doubles the benefits of water. Knowing about it ...

1) Drinking water before sleeping helps in the removal of dirt and poison in the body. So you feel fresh, fresh. Cells will get young again, rejuvenation. The resulting skin will appear fresh, fresh.

2) Drinking water at night helps in hormone and energy balance. So the body relaxes and sleeps well.

3) Drinking water before sleeping is good for heart health. Thus blood circulation gets better in the body and protects from severe problems like heart attack.

4) Drinking water before sleep helps reduce weight. Calories help burn. It also improves metabolism.
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