Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid

Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid

Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid 

Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid
Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid 

Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid 

☘15 Reasons Why Use Humic Acid for Crops

☘ The importance of centrally farming is now understood by all. But it is very important for the farmer to know how farming can be done more efficiently. To make organic farming more fruitful, it is necessary to see how essential agricultural inputs, ie soil, water, air can be used more efficiently. It is necessary to use the humus / humid acids to make full use of all the components. It is essential for every farmer to use humic acid. Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid 

☘Humus / humic acid? ☘

Humus is a disintegration of organelles, such as crippling, animal destruction, and other organic matter in the field. This substance is a mixture of many organic ingredients and is essential for the overall growth of the crop.

Properties of Humic Acid

Hahumic acid is not a fertilizer, but it is a small, micronutrient and major nutrient, which is a natural substance that improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. It is completely non-human, but it is completely natural. The amount of carbon in the humic acid is very high and the hypotension is very small. It also contains up to 4% nitro. The humic acid can be used mainly in powder, granular form and also in a liquid form. 'Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid '

Benefits of Humic Acid

With the help of acne, the soil structure improves and the ability to absorb the crop of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash is improved.

To keep the soil stable, the fertile stabilization capability is fueled by filling the deficiency of soil into nitrogen. The effect of this is that it helps in keeping the crop strong and fresh in the soil.

If the use of fermented acid is increased, then the fungus required for the crops will help to protect against the diseases caused by soil due to this fungi. 

The storage capacity of the humidified soil is seven times more than that of the soil, which is why it is important to use humic acid in drought-affected areas. Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid 

When the Jamin is light, the air continues to grow and the root growth is good. Because of its use, the available phosphorus, calcium, iron is available and the crop is available in the available form of nutrients.

If used as ☘biz process, germination of seeds helps in the betterment of germination.
Carbon is supplied to bacteria due to the use of hydrocarbon acid and increases the number of bacteria. It is very useful to stop the adverse effects of soil from sodium and other toxic chemicals.
Due to the overuse of urea and other chemical fertilizers, the soil prevents nasalization. The efficiency of chemical fertilizers increases by up to 30% so that the cost of fertilizers is reduced.
The most important is the growth of the white growth of the crops. Properties and Benefits of Humic Acid

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