General Knowledge India Questions and Answers

General Knowledge India questions and answers based on Indian culture, History, Geography, Indian Constitution, Political and Current Affairs. This helpful In MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission), and other competitive exams. General Knowledge India Questions and Answers 

General Knowledge India Questions and Answers 

General Knowledge India Questions and Answers
General Knowledge India Questions and Answers 

General Knowledge India Questions and Answers 

General Knowledge India PART 1

1) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport  Located?

Answer: Mumbai

2) Which country developed an innovative method of mixing two chemicals for the development of stem cells?

Answer: China

3) Which country has banned the export of double-digit goods to North Korea?

Answer: China

4) Which nongovernmental state inaugurated the state component of PMKVY?

Answer: Tripura

5) The first union territory to join Uday scheme

Ans: Puducherry

6) Capital of macedonia?= skopje; currency – macedonian denar

7) The currency of Fiji?= Fijian dollar

8) Red River and perfume river are in which country=vietnam

9) Who is the chairman of Vodafone? = Gerard Kleisterlee

10) Headquarter of afib located = Beijing, China

General Knowledge India PART:- 2

11) The 2018 Laureus world sports awards were held in which country=monaco

12) Ceo of the export-import bank of india= Yaduvendra Mathur

13) United Nations development programme (UNDP) headquartered= new york

14) World’s biggest importer of edible oils?= India

15) Dandeli wildlife sanctuary= Karnataka

16) Mettur dam is built on which river?= Cauvery river

17) The capital city of Tripura? = Agartala

18) Headquarters of the Allahabad bank located?= Kolkata

18) President of Israel? = Reuven Rivlin

19) Nasa was formed in the year? =1958

20) The theme of world wildlife day 2018? = “big cats: predators under threat”

21) The capital city of Armenia? = Yerevan; currency – dram

22) Konark sun temple= Odisha

23) Anshupa lake, chilika lake and kanjia lake = Odisha

24) Top 5 holders of us government securities?= China, Japan, Ireland, Cayman Islands, Brazil

25) Governor of Karnataka?= Vajubhai vala

26) Ntangki national park= Nagaland

27) The capital of Meghalaya?= Shillong

28) The inaugural IBSF snooker team world cup 2018 = Qatar

29) Asian wrestling championships 2018 = Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

30) President of the united nations general assembly (UNGA) = Miroslav Lajcak

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General Knowledge India PART:- 3

31) Secretary general of the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora (cites)?= john e. Scanlon

32) Oscar was first awarded in?= 1929

33) Headquarters of Citibank located? = new york city

34) Rbi commenced operations on? = 1st april 1935

35) We understand your world’ is the tagline of which bank?= HDFC bank

36) The capital of Vietnam?= Hanoi

37) President of FICCI.= Rashes shah

38) The capital of marshall islands = Majuro, currency- us dollar

39) Headquarter of Indian overseas bank located = TamilNadu

40) Axis bank is headquartered = Mumbai, MD & CEO- Shikha Sharma

General Knowledge India PART:- 4

41) ‘India's international bank’ is the tagline of the = Bank of Baroda

42) Which country has organized a three-day International Conference on 'Water, Environment and Climate Change'?  = Nepal

43) Anamudi Shola national park = Kerala

44) Ongc was founded in the year?= 1956

45) Current CEO of Microsoft? =Satya Nadella

46) Bombay stock exchange (BSE) was formed=1875

47) Md & CEO of ICIC bank? =mrs. Chanda Kochhar

48) The capital city of Spain? =madrid

49) Headquarters of small industries development bank of India (SIDBI)= Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

50) Balimela wildlife sanctuary=odisha

51) Capital of armenia= Yerevan, currency – dram

52) Which country is organizing World Environment Day for the year 2018?

Answer: India

53) How many gold medals were awarded to Asian youth champions in Bangkok?

Answer: 3

54) In which city will the Archaeological Survey of India be organized in the name of "Archieobro"?

Answer: Mumbai

55) 2018 What is the subject of World Intellectual Property Day?

Answer: Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity

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